Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy Assignment 10


“Hints” given for this paper
Question 1.1:(A) What, in your own opinion, is the most useful information in Kevin Hogan’s Hypnotherapy Handbook, and why? (250 words)  (B) and write a precis (summery) of (150-200 words) of this information.Total words +/-(450words)

Question 1.2:How does Kevin Hogan’s style of regression therapy differ from Freudian ‘Free Association’ as taught in the Diploma course? In your opinion, is it more valid, equally valid, or less valid? (250 words)Total words min (min250 words)



Question 2:A.) State which chapter of Freud’s Psychopathology of Everyday life you think is most important to us as hypnotherapists, say why (min 250 words), B) and write a 150 – 200-word precis (summary of the chapter you have chosen, including the key points made by Freud).Total words +/- (450 words)

Question 3In your opinion, what is the most important information in Roy Hunter’s book?  A) Say why (min 250 words), B) and precis (summarise the information in 150 – 200 words)Total words +/- (450 words)

Question 4From your study of Hugh Gunnison’s book Hypnocounseling, describe the similarities and any differences between the respective approaches of Carl Rogers and Dr Milton H. Erickson. Total words min (250 words)

Question 5Write brief suggestions for a client to address the following a – d (30 to 50 wordseach a,b,c,d)
5. Answer: (Total words: +/- 200 words):a) Giving a talk in Public:b) Buyer’s remorse (wishing to return goods because of guilt):c) Cessation of nail biting:d) Confidence at a party:
Question 6Briefly explain how you would attempt to achieve the ‘Esdaile state’. Describe the stages and how you would know if you had achieved the state? Total words min(250 words)

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Question 7Choose two or three of the psychotherapeutic approaches outlined in “Part V – Theory and Approaches” of -The Sage Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Summarise the Key elements of each of the approaches you have chosen and explain how you would use some of the specific techniques to enhance your practice as a hypnotherapist. Total words (min 250 words x 3 = Total words +/- 750)

AnswerONLY 2 of the following 4 questions. (min-250 words each= Total words 500)
Question 8Describe the role of the therapist in a therapeutic encounter.Question 9Explain why the human psyche is resistant to change.Question 10Describe in your own words, How the release of neurosis is achieved.Question11Explain the meaning of deletion, evasion and distortion, giving brief examples of each.
Question 126 x Case studies:
1.)A boy of 9 is taken from his parents, who have been falsely accused of sexual abuse.  He spends the rest of his formative years in a children’s home, where he DOES suffer sexual abuse.  The emotional content of the memory of being taken from his parents is repressed; Describe:A) Three possible symptoms; (min 250 words)B) The likely effect upon his sexual life; (min250 words)C) The memory patterns you would expect to find during analysis. (min250 words)Total words +/- (750 words)
2.)A client presents with panic attacks which occur only when her husband is working a nightshift. Other Problems are mild insomnia and poor self-worth, coupled with a sense of inadequacy and fear of being out of control.A) What therapy model would you employ and why? (min250 words)B) How would you present it to her? (min250 words)C) What problems might you encounter? (min250 words)Total words +/- (750 words)
3.)A young and evidently aggressive male presents with anxiety about driving on motorways. He experiences no problem until he was ‘tailgated’ by a lorry for several miles and narrowly averted a high speed crash. What therapeutic methodology might you employ and why?Total words min(250 words)
4.)An established client calls you in distress to tell you that his partner has just died, he feels suicidal and beyond help. What would you do?Total words min(250 words)
5.)A young mother consults you with depression. She has three children ages 6,4 and 1 year and the father left her 6 months previously; she is pleased that he left.  The doctor has prescribed anti-depressants but these are not having much effect; the GP has recommended hypnotherapy.  What will you do?Total words min(250 words)
6.)The parents of a 7-year-old girl child separated and ultimately divorced. The mother paints a poor picture of the girl’s father, saying that he had several affairs before he “walked out”.  The girl learns to hate him but at 16 discovers that is was actually her mother who had affairs and who told her father to leave.Describe what effect this might have upon the girl’s psyche and her life:Total words min(250 words)PART 2:
ANSWER ANY 5 OF THE REMAINING QUESTIONS:(5 x 250 words =  Total words +/-1250
7. Describe Free Association OR Regression to Cause, as if you were explaining this to a client.
8. Define autosuggestion and explain how it differs from ‘post-hypnotic suggestion’.
9. Explain fully how and why subconscious resistance might inhibit the effectiveness of analysis.
10. Explain the difference between repression and disavowal.
11. Describe two ways in which you could be certain that you had discovered an ‘Initial Sensitising Event’.
12. Explain fully why the release of repressed emotion is important.
13. Describe three methods that might be useful used to treat stress using hypnotherapy.

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