Public Administration

109. Public Administration


Look over the beginning of the report up until page 8 and also page 11 to get an understanding of the program, then construct a LOGIC MODEL that best translates the verbal description into a visual model of the program.
The logic model should include components, implementation activities, outputs, and outcomes. Make sure to show how all the important linkages in the model, especially, how each output is connected to each outcome, and how the each outcome is connected to other outcomes. Do not just categorize the constructs in the model – show how they are linked causally. The final product should make it possible for another person who is not familiar with the program to see how particular constructs in your model are connected to other constructs.
I uploaded the “Report” in (pdf) file, that you’re required to read in order to do the assignment
I also uploaded 3 examples in word.doc files … the examples are from other students who submitted their work. SO please DON’T do the same or even a very similar work to the ones on the examples files!! Do you’r own model. The examples are there for you just to give you an idea of how to do it or what the instructor expects from me.



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