Public Sector Management Case study response 1

20. Public Sector Management Case study response 1

This unit is called Public sector management
As a minimum guide each case response should have an introduction, address items (i) to (iv), using the Harvard Author-date referencing system and provide a reference list of those sources actually cited in the text. In terms of presentation the minimum font size should be 12, double-spaced, on single sided pages, pages should be numbered and any diagrams, illustration or tables included should be suitably labelled and referenced. Your case response may include sub-headings. A list of references used and cited in your response is a requirement for each paper and Harvard-style author date referencing should be used.
I will upload the case study and some more files that might help with the assignment.
the unit text book is
Bovaird, T and E Loffler (eds) Public Management and Governance, 2nd edition, Routledge, London, 2015.


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