Pump Final Report


Pump Final Report
1) Please read the file “Project Description” to understand the project. The project consist of two parts the first one is designing the heat

exchanger and the second one is to choose a pump and piping system. You only have to do the Pump and piping system part. DO NOT DO THE HEAT



2) First thing, we did the calculation to find the power required. Then, we have found a pump that meets the requirements of the calculated

values. The Type of the pump is called “pressure booster pump”. The company of the pump is called “Pentair” and the pump model is “HP7D” it is

in the file “selected pump”.


3) You have to do a detailed report that includes:

a) introduction and background.
b) full analysis and justification for design choices.
c) pump specifications.

The report should be well written, clear and concise. References should be used when needed and all figures and tables labeled appropriately.

All equations should be numbered and all symbols should be clearly defined.

4) For the Power Point slides you have to do:

a) First slide: Write about the equations that used in the “calculation” file.
b) Second slide: Write about the selected pump specification.
c) Third slide: Write about why we choose this pump.


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