Quality Management in Procurement


Learning Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with the functions and features that are available in Quality Management Module and with the basic navigation for Quality Management. We will display and understand the importance of basic master data which is:

1. Material master and
2. Vendor master, and

Quality management specific master data which is,

3. Inspection planning,
4. Master inspection characteristics,
5. Quality information record, and
6. Inspection catalogs.

1. Components of Quality Management

Menu Path: Logistics  Quality Management

Q.1 When you follow the above menu path, what are the R/3 functions (components)
associated with Quality Management?



2. Display the Basic Data 1 and the Quality Management view of material master

Menu Path: Logistics  Quality Management  Quality Planning  Logistics
Master Data  Material  Display

Material 60-100F

Click on Enter or click on Select view(s)button

Select views pop-up screen

 Select Basic data 1 and Quality management views

Click on Enter

A window pops-up

Plant 3000
Click on Enter

On Basic data1 screen

Q.2 What isthe description of the material? __________________________________

Q.3 Base unit of measure ____________

Q.4 Division _______________

Q.5 What is the Material type? ________________________
Hint: Look at the title bar.
Click on Enter

On Quality management screen, click on “Insp. Setup” button

Q.6Write down the parameters set (activated) for inspection type 01 ( = set) under the
“Detailed information on inspection type”:





Q.7 What is the short text or the description of Inspection Type 01? ______________
Click on Enter o go back to Quality Management view.

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Q.8 If the field for Inspection setup is checked (), what does that mean?
Hint: Click on the field and click on question mark on the tool bar or press F1.
Q.9 What is the meaning of GR processing time? ______________________________

Go back to main menu.

3. Display Inspection Plan for the material

Menu Path: Logistics  Quality management  Quality planning  Inspection
Planning  Inspection Plan  Display

Material 60-100F
Plant 3000
Click on Enter

On “Inspection Plan Display: Task List Overview” screen

 Select the task list for Light Bulb220/235V (Serie production) (third task list) and click on “Header” button on the application tool bar

Q.10 What is the usage and status of the inspection plan? ________________________

 Click on “Operations” button on the application tool bar

Q.11 What are the Control keys used for inspection planning?_____________________

Q.12 What is the purpose of the control key? __________________________________

Q.13 How many operations are associated with planning? ________________________

 Select (Highlight) operation 0010 and click on “Inspection Characteristics” button on the application tool bar

Q.14 What master insp. characteristics are specified for the operation 10 and their short

Q.15 Are the characteristic for operation 10 a qualitative (Ql) or a quantitative (Qn)

Q.16 What is the function of master inspection characteristic? ___________________
 Select characteristic 10 and click on “Control indicators” button

Q.17 What are the control indicators set to support the planning?



Click on green check mark to get more control indicators and list them

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Click on green check mark . You will be back on “Display Inspection Plan: Characteristic Overview” screen

Click on “Sample” button

Q.18 What is the Sampling procedure used for this material? _____________________

Q.19 What does a sampling procedure determine? _____________________________
Hint: click on the field and click on F1 or question mark on the standard tool


4. Display Quality information record via displaying the Inspection lot for the

Menu Path:Logistics  Quality Management  Quality Inspection  Inspection
Lot  Processing  Display

Inspection Lot 2062

Click on Enter
 Click on Q-info record button on the application tool bar

Q.20Who is the Vendor for this material? ____________________________________

Q.21 Why is the quality information record created? ____________________________

Q.22 What is meant by Release By date? _____________________________________

 Go back to Display inspection lot screen

 Click on Insp. lot quantities tab

Q.23 Write down:

Inspection lot Qty.
Actual lot Qty.
Sample Size

Q.24 What usage decision was made for this material after the inspection?
Hint: Click on Usage decision tab and look for the UD code


5. Display inspection catalogs

Menu Path:Logistics  Quality Management  Quality Planning  Basic Data
Catalog  Code Group  Display

Q.25 Define a Catalog. ____________________________________________________

Q.26 Define a Code group. ________________________________________________