Quality Reputation of Toyota

75. Quality Reputation of Toyota

I already did few parts but i need you to fix it and add 5 pages to my parts re organize my papers
I will send you my proposal which i got in it good mark
the history need to be fixed from the 3 files which i will send it to you the filles names are handout tps ,basic tps and toyota production system “files
the reserch must be about :
Toyota has plenty of corporation history especially its quality assurance systems.
The research project should include a section to explain the evolution of Toyota car company, its quality control and quality assurance systems from approx. 1950 to 2014. Question that could be answered is, “How did the company go about achieving its quality reputation and why was it so important to Toyota to do from its early years to 2014? Then you can go on to research how the company maintained its leadership position in the car industry over those years, what has been accomplished recently, and what is being planned for the future?

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