Race and ethnicity


Note 5 pages full of writing -without counting the refences page

1. Identify an area of disparity based on class, race-ethnicity, or gender in criminal offending, victimization, or processing by the criminal justice system.

Some examples: class disparity in pre-trial release/bail, racial disparity in police stops, gender disparity in criminal offending, class disparity in victimization rates, racial disparity in drug arrests, gender disparity in sexual assault victimization, etc.

2. Provide evidence to demonstrate the existence of disparity (statistics, research studies, etc.).

You should refer to research studies, statistics, news stories, interview transcripts, documentary films, and any other relevant sources to build the case that the disparity exists. (Show me the disparity!).

3. Provide rationale as to why there is disparity (explain possible reasons for disparity).

Consider the reasons for the disparity. Why do you think this disparity exists? What causes this disparity to exist? Are there structural factors that can help explain the disparity?

4. Suggest what might be done to address the disparity.

What might be done to reduce the disparity that you have identified? Suggest at least 2-3 specific reforms that might help to reduce the disparity. Propose reforms that would be feasible, realistic, cost-effective, etc.

You should use a standard 12-point font. Your margins should be no more than 1.25 inches. Your in text citations and references should be in APA format.



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