Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The American Scholar” and Henry David Thoreau, “A Transcendentalist’s Profession of Faith”

This will be our first foray into the writings of Thoreau; so I want you to do something very specific as you read. Think about Emerson while reading Thoreau, and compare the two writers’ style and compare how the different writers effect you differently. Many people have said that Thoreau is merely an Emerson copycat, so I want you to think about that. Come up with a conclusion about whether or not you agree with that, and what it means if you do (or if you don’t). Thoreau is, without question, the writer from this era that is most widely read, but at the time of his writing he was no where near as popular as Emerson. What does that mean? And why do you think that’s true?


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Book : The American Transcendentalists Essential Readings
Lawrence Buell



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