Rape of Europa

Discussion Board Class/Subject: Introduction to Humanities ? HUMN 1101 Textbook: Discovering the Humanities, Henry Sayre ISBN-10: 0-205-21964-0 ISBN-13: 978-0-205-21964-3 Note: … Please note the subject here is Introduction to Humanities (HUMN 1101) and not World History as selected. There is no option for selecting Humanities on the order form. Rape of Europa Discussion Board Rape of Europa Discussion Board due by Mar 30 @ 11:55p Please review the guidelines for discussion boards before you approach this assignment. Given the weight of this assignment, this is one of those times when you should exceed not just meet expectations. I hope that you all enjoyed the film this week in class and that it helps you to see how relevant Humanities can be in your life. I am posing a few questions to you on this discussion board. These are the types of questions that would be reasonable to consider in a film review of a documentary, which is one of the activities listed in your Humanities Portfolio. These questions are a start, but in no way should be definitive of the ideas a documentary film review should address and are specific to the film The Rape of Europa. If while watching the films included on the Humanities Portfolio list, you find another interesting point that you would like to pursue, by all means go for it! Take note of the types of questions (process analysis, cause/effect) being asked and the ideas they address (controversy, content). I would love to see some student motivated discussion questions here. I also mentioned in class (I may not have) that this film is being remade into a major motion picture. For more information on the documentary that we watched check out: www.therapeofeuropa.com and for information on the motion picture try: https://www.monumentsmen.com/. Apparently it stars George Clooney, Bill Murray, and Daniel Craig. As you begin to approach this assignment my sincere hope is that you take the lead and come up with some of your own discussion questions. If you are going to pose a question be sure you answer your own question! If you are having trouble creating your own discussion question, try addressing one of these: This film presents a wide variety of artistic works from statues to sanctuaries and furniture to paintings. Can you name any specifics ?works? that you admire? Why are they notable or special to you? Can you name something that is widely considered a ?work of art?, but that you say, ?What?s the big deal?? Where do you think the value of these pieces comes from? What pieces of art do you consider definite of our American national identity? What were some comparable works that were presented in the film? Can you think of European or American art works that are so iconic that they are worth fighting over? At this point, I?ve seen the film so many times that I?m overly familiar with this story that is told in the film?s beginning. Today after 60 years, lost art is still being found, battle damage is still being repaired, and stolen masterpieces are still caught up in bitter disputes. All of this is the unfinished business of the greatest war in history. When the Nazis occupied Austria, they stole a Gustav Klimt‐painted portrait of Adele Bloch‐Bauer from the home of Ferdinand Bloch‐Bauer, a noted art collector. Curators of various Austrian art museums came to the home and were able to pick out which paintings and sculptures they wanted for their own collections. Since that time, the Austrian people have considered this piece their ?Mona Lisa?. Maria Altman, niece of Adele Bloch‐Bauer has fought the Austrian government for years over ownership of the portrait and four other Klimt paintings formerly owned by her family. The legal position of the Austrian government is addressed as well as the Bloch-Bauer heirs. Who do you believe has the rightful ownership of the painting? Is there some third party that isn?t being represented in the discussion? For this discussion board, you will need to cite your sources in MLA format and include a Works Cited with your post. Failure to do so will result in points being deducted. Remember, sources are used to enhance your argument, not make it for you.