Reflections on World’s Leadership

You are expected to provide an opinion piece where you provide your reflections on one of the world’s best and worst leaders. In other words, you are expected to identify two individuals; one who you think is an excellent example or demonstration of what a good leader is or what good leadership is and another individual who you think is a demonstration of bad leadership. You can choose leaders from various industries and path of lives including political, organizational, religious, scientific, medical, arts and cultures, athletic, etc domains. In this reflection piece you are expected to explain the reasons underling your opinion and reflect on the leaders of your choice actions and leadership style. Some, but not all, of the issues that you can look at include: 1. Why do you think they are good or bad leaders? What are the reasons underling your perception? 2. How did their leadership style impact you and your leadership style? What did you learn from them? Your personal reflections should demonstrate a clear understanding of the topics covered in the book. You should also correctly use the terminology introduced in the readings. This integration will help to clearly demonstrate your understanding and reflection and will be the basis of grading your assignment. In other words, while you reflect on your chosen leaders, I expect your reflections to clearly demonstrate your in-depth understanding and analysis of the material covered to date in the book. The total length of the assignment is expected to 8 pages, APA format. These are the example of good and bad leaders in business please write about them • Prince Alwaleed bin Tala as a good leader in business • Mike Lazaridis as a bad leadership in business

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