Reflective Report

94. Reflective Report

The purpose of the reflective report is for you to write about your own experience of doing the dissertation. (you need to pretend me) Think about the problems and challenges of researching and writing the dissertation; what you would you do differently if you were doing another dissertation; ( you cold say somethinng like starting earlier, being more orgnised…etc)what you have learnt about yourself; how it might relate to jobs and the workplace;etc.( you could say here somehing like I learnt to deal with jobs with thight deadline..etc)
With regard to structure, it is useful to use one or two learning models – for example:
Gibbs reflective cycle" or
Kolb’s learning cycle" or
Honey&Mumford’s learning Styles or
sisngle&double loop learning or
deep%surface learning" etc
And you could also use models and theories from marketing, such as Maslow +motivation, Tajfel’s social identity theory; etc. See the attached slide for a few learning models & concepts; and look for more if you wish.
My dissertation Topic is "does social media marketing have an impact on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of British Female consumers towards the choice of fashion brands?

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