Refutation Blog


Learning Activity #4 Refutation Blog
One of the most popular new genres of writing is “blogging.” Originally begun as a sort of public journal writing, blogs now encompass many topics, and are used in business, academia, and public life. For this activity, you will write a blog post of about 300 words. Use your Refutation and Prewriting Exercise as a guide. Your blog should include the following:

⎯ A clear introduction to the article: Give the author’s name and the article/essay title within the first paragraph of your textual analysis.
⎯ A brief summary of the article: This should also include any background information the reader might need to understand about the topic. Keep the summary short, but don’t sacrifice clarity.
⎯ Follow the brief summary with a discussion of the article’s points of concern. This point-by-point refutation should make up the majority of your initial post. Be specific about which premises or points in the article or essay you are refuting. You must present your own thesis in which you clearly refute an argument and note the specific criteria that you have used in making that judgment. (It’s not enough to simply argue that you think it is “wrong.”) You should refer to your Refutation Prewriting Exercise while writing to ensure a point-by-point rebuttal.
⎯ End the blog with a well-stated concluding statement or paragraph.


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