Reliability and validity of a tool


I have conducted a research about measuring the level of diabetes self-management. I have collected the date using a tool called Diabetes Self-management Scale (DSMS) which originally was developed and published in English. I have translated this tool into Arabic language and collected the data using the Arabic version. I have all the data in the SPSS program. Now I want you to help me with conducting data analysis to check the reliability and validity of this Arabic version tool; this should include, but not limited to, Cronbach’s ?, Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), exploratory principal component factor analysis (EFA), etc. then write a two section: analysis sections (about 400 words) and the results section (about 1000 words). This will be part of a manuscript I am writing to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Although the data collected are Arabic, the data entered in the SPSS are in English, so you don’t have to translate anything as all the documents are in English. Thanks,

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