Religious studies

In a paragraph or two, please provide you thoughts and reflections on the following
Background Information/statement:
Because of the long histories and wide diversity of Native American cultures and societies, the notion of a single Native American religion is deeply problematic. Nevertheless, a general perspective based primarily on contemporary Native American religions, is possible. A robust form of animism has produced a cautious and reverent attitude toward nature – in contrast, as many would have it, to the aggressive, dominating attitude of many Europeans.
Based on your readings and the course discussions provide a paragraph or two answering the following questions:
1a) How has the encounter between Native American societies and European Christians affected Native American religion?
1b) What advantages and disadvantages have there been for both the Europeans and First Nations after these ‘first encounters’?
Remember that one of the main goals is to show that you are reading and learning. The best way to do this is to incorporate QUOTES and in-text citations into your answers. (This goes for the Chats as well as Reflections. And learning to quote and reference is important for you Annotated Bibliographies and Essay) Use a quote, paraphrase it, comment on, and make comparisons to what you already think and know.
If you plan to use a sentence that was writing by another person, you must show this. Otherwise your writing is not original and does not reflect your learning. Marks of Zero will be given if assignments are not original or material is copied and presented as your work.
How to quote: use quotation marks at the beginning and end of the sentence you copied. Follow this by bracket, the name of the author, page number, and then an end bracket. Then at the end of your Reflection/Essay create a proper reference.
Example Template: “Quote” (Name page-number).
Example: “This is a quote” (Hopfe 23).

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