RESEARCH PAPER PROPOSAL LENGTH: 500 words: 2 pages plus a page with a list of potential sources. PRELIMINARY REQUIREMENTS: The preliminary requirements are that you have an approved topic and have completed preliminary papers. You should also have done enough research to explain how you will focus your topic when you write the research paper. And finally, you should have a relatively focused thesis. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Essentially you will be telling me why you are interested in the topic you choose, how you developed an interest in your topic (either through your research thus far or your personal experience in the past or a combination of both), and finally, and, how you plan to move from your broad interest to formulate a narrow topic and thesis that you can develop in ~5 pages. See the sample papers on the women’s movement and CEO salaries. The CEO paper has a narrow thesis but more personal material while the women’s movement paper is more topic centered but needs to focus its thesis further. SOURCE REQUIREMENTS: When you bring in material from sources, cite it, as you have learned, using parenthetical citations in MLA format. 4 sources WORKS CITED: Anything cited in the paper should go in a List of Potential Sources that appears at the end of your proposal. In addition this list should contain other sources that you possibly will use, even if they are not cited in this proposal. Get it? Ask questions if you don’t. GENERAL REMARKS: This paper should clearly show your intentions for your research paper and your means for bringing those intentions to fruition, that is, to a completed paper. The samples you have here is fairly solid. The CEO paper could be more developed in discussing about the student’s research process more specifically, but it does show the way she became interested in the topic, discusses some of the work she believes remains, and gives us a clear sense of her thesis. The other paper cites sources, and demonstrates the student’s interest but needs to show how the student will focus the thesis more clearly and narrowly. MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES: As always, use MLA format for the manuscript, any in-text citations, and list of potential sources. this one source you might use it : Spaaij, R., Understanding football hoolganism: A comparison of six western European football clubs. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University, 2006. Print.

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