Format of the Project Website


The Website Project is an opportunity for you to showcase all (or most) of the practical skills that you have learned during your studies, and integrate them in a cohesive and visually appealing manner.


Create a site map

Using PowerPoint or a free tool like Gliffy

(Links to an external site.)

create a site map. A site map is structured like a flow chart. Alternatively, you could create an outline with bulleted lists and indentations that indicate pages, sub-pages and other structural breaks.

Index (home) page

The design and content of this page will vary depending on your personal style of expression. The image below features examples of some commonly accepted elements.

General requirements for the site

Exhibits Strong design

user-friendly navigation

clear and consistent layout

professional appearance

proper use of background, font, and colors

Free of grammatical/spelling errors

Includes at least one original image. This can be a scanned photo, a digital photo, or a graphic/artwork created by you.

All images comply with copyright laws.

Each page has an appropriate title.

Each page includes an email link and “last updated” information.

All links are correctly hyperlinked and working.



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