Research Questionaires: supermarket brand preferences amongst students

64. Research Questionaires: supermarket brand preferences amongst students

From my last propolsal that you have done on it. I am happy with that. So thank you so much.
And now I would like you to work on its Research Questionaires which I have to survey to ask students soon.
I would like you to make around 20-24 questions.
When you done this, I will send it to ask my tutor about my questionaires paper ( it is importance that I have to update all work to let mt tutor knows) and need for his feedback.
Which this can leads to final dissertation.
C. Research Question
The central theme of the paper is related to the retail industry in UK and the various factors that can attract the students to the retail companies. Therefore, the central question of the research will be
1. To study the various factors that influences the attitude and behavior of consumers towards supermarkets in London. This may focus on marketing factors including product prices, location and promotion and so on.
This can be accentuated with the help of sub questions that can be stated as follows:
– What is student favorite supermarket in London?
– Why and how that supermarket attracts you to be its customer?
– What makes student behave differently towards buying product from all supermarkets?
– What those supermarkets do to encourage student to buy product from their stores?



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