Resistance to change – Section 1: Introduction

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o Resistance to change

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• Section 1: Introduction


With every new generation, the resistance to change becomes apparent in nursing. Having obstacles when a change is needed could be challenging to any leader. Even when there is an expectation of change, it creates insecurity in our lives, and some disagreement should always be expected between those supporting the status quo and those advocating for change (Marquis and Huston, 2015 p. 169). “Most often, change initiatives that thrive use change theory or a planned approach to implementing organizational shifts” (Shirey, 2013 para 1).
For instance, being a nurse leader and implementing new changes to the ever-changing systems is demanding. Connecting and guiding your employees will help with the transition of the change. As a nurse leader, it is important to be able to persuade your employees that a change needs to take place. Nursing leaders must recognize that subordinates’ values, educational levels, cultural and social backgrounds, and experiences with change (positive or negative) will have a tremendous impact on the degree of resistance. It is also much easier to change a person’s behavior than it is to change an entire group’s behavior. Likewise, it is simpler to improve knowledge levels than attitudes (Marquis and Huston, 2015 p.169). The purpose of this paper is to address the significance in interprofessional leadership, a literature review on current best practices and impacts of leadership and healthcare organizations, as well as the application of nursing with implications on nursing leaders on the topic resistance to change.

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