Responding Nondefensively


After you have read through the directions for this assignment, watch the video “Responding Non defensively to Criticism.” (Links to an external site in the uploaded file + the transcript.). Note that the employee uses non-defensive communication skills in the light of being unfairly criticized. What an important communication skill to have!!! This is something that can easily happen in real life and it is important to know how you can better respond so a particular communication does not escalate into ill will.

After you have watched the video (video in the file+ the transcript), answer the three questions below. Write out each question in your paper before you answer it. Your response to each part should have at least 185 words (can be more). Flesh out your paper with definitions in your own words. Use specific references to the video.

Video: Responding Non-defensively to Criticism (Links to an external site in the uploaded file + the transcript.)(2:28 min.) Gibb categories (PREVENTING DEFENSIVENESS IN OTHERS, pages 349-355)

1. Which of the Gibb categories outlined in your text (page 349-355) does the boss exhibit when she criticizes the employee’s behavior?
2. Does the employee ever seem defensive during this discussion? How successful is her defensive reaction?
3. Why can it be a good idea to use non-defensive responses in the face of unjustified attacks, such as the way the boss unfairly blamed her employee for following store policy?


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