89. Resume

currently im major in social law and currently a senior student.
i want to devolope my work skills in Republican san diego county
I would like to help get out the vote as a Republican Neighborhood Precinct Representative i I can help to register new voters at special events i i I’ll help with social media I’m interested in an internship with the Republican Party – See
please help me add Begin your search
Tell everyone you know (including faculty) that you are looking for an internshipAttend Career Fairs Join professional organizations,Utilize your social network and resources, onsider the skills you may want to develop
What skills do you lack? Or require improvement?
What environment will provide you with the opportunity to develop these skills?
Explore career options related to one’s interests, values, skills & personality
Gain professional skills & self-confidence
Gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture
Earn while i learn
Become familiar with a range of occupations
Opportunities to assess and reach career goals
Add New Work Experience
Job Title Employer StartDate EndDate
Commercial real estate company Changchun Qiangwei wang 11/1/2016 9/1/2017
Doctor assitant at Doctor Concept Hacidenda 2015
Add/Edit Volunteer Work
Volunteer Work: Pasadena Art armory: photoshop class as an assistant ; handcraft art class as an assistant .2002-2005
Doctor assitant at Doctor Concept Hacidenda 2005
Add/Edit Skills
Skills: listens attentively, openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves differences, persuades others, provides well-thought out solutions, works well with others, sensitive, supportive, motivates others, shares credit,understands feelings,accepts responsibility Research, creates ideas,gathers information, solves problems, defines needs Organize handles details,manages projects effectively, sets goals, keeps control over budget, plans and arranges activities,
Add/Edit Hobbies
Hobbies: Chess, volleyball, drawing, jump rope, try new sports

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