Revenue Management in Ski Resort

105. Revenue Management in Ski Resort

1 Introduction
Your introduction should be a half page long including area of study/task, evolution of Revenue Management with 1-2 references.
Do not include a definition of Revenue Management in the introduction.
Describe critical the industry chosen. Include a few words about the scope and its characteristics. Analyze the product.
Outline the Revenue Management Model and give a definition (i.e. Cross).
Describe and analyze the pre-condition, strategic levers, tools and external factors.
Conclude the body with typology and explain which model apply to your project and justify your choice.
Summarize key points, gap and define limitations and recommendations.
Project Overview: The student should carry out an analysis on any RM application in one new service industry (airline, hotel and car rental are not allowed), research how does this RM application fit with the existing RM model and given typology.
The students have to critically analyse the various aspects of the RM applications such as given pre-conditions, application of strategic levers and usage of RM tools. In the next step the students should critically discuss any gaps and obstacles of the RM application.
Overall aim: To enable students to demonstrate their understanding of the importance and function of revenue management

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