Rhetorical Analysis on the Video

( THIS IS THE VIDEO) by TEDtalk. Cameron Russell:" Looks arent everything. Believe me. I am a model". You can find it on YOUTUBE… I have to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis on this video. The instructions for that is 1) When writing a rhetorical analysis essay the job is to ask why and how a writer responds to a particular rhetorical situation. In some ways writing a rhetorial analysis is similar to a critique or review, except that you are examining much more specific aspects of the writing ( rthetirical situation, ethos, logos, pathos, schemes, tropes, etc) and the text you are analyzing is generally more complex. Few Tips: *This type of paper you should never argue your view or opinion of the issue or topic *Its is not my job to agree or disagree with the essay’s thesis. The goal is to argue how and why the rhetor( author) used the language she did given the particular rhetorical situation *How effectively did the rhetor communicate her message according to the rhetorical situation? The thesis statement, then, will be the answer to this question I just need one source on my bibliography page. ( which is that video)

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