Richard Branson and the Virgin Group Case Study


Assessment Task
Read the attached case study on Richard Branson and the Virgin Group and prepare a 15 minute board level Powerpoint presentation that addresses the following questions:
1. Using appropriate academic models and concepts identify and discuss the chief internal and external factors that have influenced the Virgin Group and the strategies employed up to the time of the case.    (30%)
2. Critically assess whether, in your opinion, there was any evidence that Richard Branson and his group management team followed a consistent strategy or not in the major investments. If so, what sort of approach might it have been based upon, and what was the role of the Virgin head office function?    (40%)
3. Drawing on resources such as, update your audience on any new Virgin Group activities since the case, commenting on whether or not subsequent major investments fit in with your findings from Q2 above, or if there was any other strategic rationale. (30%)
The Powerpoint document, must use the notes option putting any narrative or explanatory notes underneath the slide itself. This must be Masters level analysis
Brevity, clarity and key strategic thinking is key, showing that you have understood the essence of the case and can communicate effectively with supporting evidence.
Be conscious about the maximum time allowed, and therefore the number of slides you need to create, if you were to deliver the presentation verbally.
The Writer will be expected to read the case several times to make sure he/she understands the context, grasps the detail and then reviews the key elements using the key strategy models to go through the strategy process, drawing on evidence from the case to justify your views.
The writer should carry out further research on The Virgin Group, however he/she must only use material drawn from credible sources such as: academic articles and texts;; quality newspaper and business periodicals, e.g., the FT, The Economist and the official Virgin website. He/she should not use unreliable sources such as non-reviewed websites, e.g., Wikipedia.

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