Sеrviсе Ореrаtiоns Маnаgmеnt

There are three tasks:
1. Produce an outline of a service operations management challenge you are facing, or have faced, and the way you intend to investigate improvements To achieve this the assignment should: Summarise the challenge setting, its key actors and problem owners Describe the key features of the problem using appropriate maps and notes Sketch out an initial analysis using established process map conventions (Slack et al. 2012)
2. Critically rev iew a selection of literature relevant to the challenge. To achieve this you should :
Identify a range of sources, including pans of set text if appropriate, as well as other theoretical and practical kinks. Discuss their applicability to the investigation
3. Propose an improvement by applying learning on the module to the challenge identified
adherence to word count & referencing 10%


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