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SOTtWare rtequirement unange management Your are to conduct research and write a 2500-3000 words report using wiki to share your !earnings on Software Requirement Change Management. The report should provide a “lesson” on this subject matter to IT/Computer Science/Software Engineering undergraduate and Master students. The report should •L provide an introduction to the importance and challenges of software requirement change management; • provide an overview of requirement change management best practices and discuss how they address the challenges ( reference at least CMMI, IEEE and SWBOK) • outline a simple requirement change management process applicable to small projects such as your SE1 group project (key activities, inputs, outputs, tools, and measurements). • Identify, evaluate and recommend a few requirement change management tools that support the implementation of best practices. • .Discuss the impact of human factors on requirement change. The report is to be structured and assessed as follows: 1.[ introduction (importance and challenges of software configuration and change management) (10) 2. Best Practices (20) 3. Change management process for small projects* i2.0)) Tools (10) 5. Human factors (10) 6. Conclusion (5) 7. Bibliography (5) Overall quality (including structure, clarity, and the presence of engagement elements) (10) Progress (5) Self-assessment (5) *Small projects are those involve less than 10 people, take less than 1 year to complete. You are advised to reference the relevant sections in the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration http://resources.sei.cmu.edullibrary/asset-view.cfm?assetID=9661) process framework, IEEE standards, SWBOK guide, as well as at least five other bibliographical references (other than the textbook and lecture slides). The references can provide support material or further information. They should be referenced in the report using the [1] convention and listed in the Bibliography accordingly. You are to give a 10 minutes presentation to your topic coordinator. There will be a “Q&A” time afterwards. The presentations will be scheduled in week 10, i.e., you should be ready by the end of week 9. A roster will be made available in week 9. An early start with information gathering and drafting is strongly encouraged. Your topic coordinator will check your progress on FLO wiki and provide feedback. There is an immense amount of material on this topic available. You only need to source enough material to feel confident that you have the appropriate amount of material for the purpose of this assignment. Each student must ensure that the report is in their own words and any material directly sourced from the work of others is properly acknowledged. Direct quotes should be clearly indicated and should be kept to a minimum. 3. Assessment Quality will be the deciding factor. The assignment will be marked on technical content, style, structure, quality of presentation/explanation and where appropriate, critical judgements (and their justifications).
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