Scientific Essay Writing:Association Between Red Meat and Cancer

For the essay red meat and cancer, you have already chosen a stand, which is Yes! Red meat causes cancer. Hence, you entire essay should prove how, why red meat causes cancer. You do not have to argue that some studies say red meat causes cancer while others do not. No. You have already taken a stand in this “Debate”, which is to justify how and why red meat causes cancer. Pertains to cancer of the intestines (bowel, gut/ colorectal). So you need to find articles related to red meant and gut cancer only Please note: For dietary intervention (original articles) you need to identify articles that have shown to reduce the risk of bowel/gut/colorectal cancer. The articles that you previously sourced were on diet related intervention, but it did not reduce the risk of gut cancer. Follow the marking rubric and essay details please include a meta analyse template and original article template. Essay details: Your essay should include the following core components: (1) National and international prevalence/incidences of bowel/ colorectal cancer; (2) National and international statistical data on meat/red meat consumption; (3) Aetiology and pathophysiology explaining the relationship between red meat and cancer; (4) Australian recommendation for the consumption of red meat; (5) Minimum of two meta-analysis indicating that red meat consumption is associated with cancer risk; (6) At-least two original articles (Randomised controlled trials/prospective studies/cross-sectional studies etc.) showing the dietary intervention/modifications can decrease the risk of bowel/ colorectal cancer; (7) Include summary table (template will be provided on Moodle by the instructor) for the studies discussed. Number of articles to tabulate: You only need to tabulate 2 original articles and 2 meta-analyses, in the table template we practiced in the tute-week 4. Even if you use 5 original articles, just tabulate 2 of the 5 please. Please read your rubrics. Meta-analysis summary table template: When you are summarising the meta-analysis in the table template, you have to summarise the literature search column detailed by the authors/researcher. You need to tell me how the author/researcher went about conducting his meta-analysis. This information is available in the methods section of the research paper. You are NOT supposed to tell me in this column how you conducted the literature review search. This is not the purpose of the column. Hope this is clear now. Please make sure to source articles which prove that dietary intervention has reduced the risk of gut cancer.

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