Scorpio Races discussion questions

Scorpio Races discussion questions

Answer each of the following as specifically as possible using examples and quotes from the book to support your answers. You should have at least two quotes to support each answer. Turn in your answers to haiku before the end of class.

How are gender roles portrayed throughout the novel? What stereotypes are demonstrated or broken? What role do gender roles play in the story?

Do you think traditions should be honored? How do the traditions and values of Thisby impact Sean and Puck? How do they motivate the events of the novel?

Food is often described in detail throughout the story. What might the food symbolize, and why do you think Maggie Stiefvater includes such descriptions?

Who is George Holly? What is his story, and why is he on the island?

How specifically does Maggie Steifvater’s writing style change between the two narrators?

How does the setting of the novel parallel the events of the story?

What role do the secondary characters play in the novel? Describe them and their relationships with Sean and Puck.

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