SEED Case Study

Project Name: Firm Foundation
Project Location: Banjarmasin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

1. Project Owner:
2. Type of Owner (private, non-governmental organization, or governmental organization)
3. Year Completed:
4. Project Cost (US dollars or local currency):
5. Size (square feet or square meters):
6. Number of Stories:
7. Context: (urban, suburban, or rural)
8. Project Type: (means what kind(s) of space(s) or building(s))
9. Description of the project (1,000 words min)
1 Executive Summary (this is overview of the project)
2 Describe the social and environmental issues (problems) that were / are addressed by this project.
3 Describe the main stakeholder (partners) for the project and their relevance.
4 Describe how the community participated in the development, design and / or construction of the project.
5 Describe how the project is intended to solve the community’s priority issues.

• At least three images and / or drawings.

• ALL sources must be cited per standard CUA practice.

• Completeness (min. 1,000 words, all items were addressed, 3 images included, and citations)
• Quality of the case study (evidence of stakeholder participation, good design, and project has environmental and social outcomes).
• Quality of writing / organization of information (outline, quality of written English, lack of grammatical, spelling errors, etc.)



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