Self-driving cars


For this essay, you will spend time thinking, writing, and field researching about the problematic question which is “Can Self-

Driving Vehicles Be a Future Transportation Source For the United States?

Using personal experience, some possible library/internet research as a source of information, and field research in the forms of

an observation or an interview, write a 5 page Informative essay that discusses the problematic question I stated above. Use a

surprising-reversal strategy in a tone and style that are suitable for general readers. The task is to arise the readers curiosity

by posing the problematic question, summarize a common or expected answer to the question, and then providing new, surprising

information that counters or reverses the common view point of my topic. Imagine an audience of readers who hold a mistaken or

overly narrow view of my topic; the purpose as a more informed person is to give them a new surprising view.

The key to a successful paper is to go into the essay and research with the problematic question I want to explore, where you ask

yourself: What surprised me? What did I learn that I didn’t know before? Is there new information that may surprise my readers? Use

your critical thinking skills to develop from personal knowledge, internet source like the article I provided you “Self-Driving

Cars Are Not A safe As Vehicles Operated by Human Drivers,” observation, and/or an informative interview, an understanding of what

you think is significant about the topic. Then bring new and surprising information to your audience.

I uploaded under additional material an essay which is the exact way the paper needs to be written from the wording to format of

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that example essay. Also attached under additional material is my informative interview with the questions I asked during the

interview and the answers from the person I interviewed. Uploaded as well is an article on self-driving cars which has a lot of

good information on self-driving cars, please use proper citing when citing about this article on the essay “Self-Driving Cars Are

Not A safe As Vehicles Operated by Human Drivers.”