Short Story Close Reading

11. Short Story Close Reading

Hawthorne, The Birthmark
Byatt, The Thing in the Forest
Danticat, A Wall of Fire Rising
Based on one of the above short stories, craft a close reading of a primary symbol in the text. What do the birthmark, thing, and balloon represent? Also, show how this primary symbol address a larger message in the specific work. In Hawthorne’s work, highlight the overreacher tradition, especially through the figure of the scientist(alchemist). If focusing on the Byatt piece, connect the thing to the war, as well as the experiences of Penny and Promise amid the many comparisons and contrasts of these two characters. For Danticat’s short story, consider Haiti’s colonial past and present living conditions as a so-called free country. Make sure you paraphrase and quote text as evidence in your close reading, using in-text citations.
I WANT TO CHOOSE Danticat, A Wall of Fire Rising
Note: Do not feel compelled to consult outside sources to aid in your reading of the text.
Example Outline
2.Aylmer as Overreaching Scientist/ Alchemist
A. Alchemist– General Definition
B. Aylmer– Short Story references
3.The Birthmark
Georgian’s definition– supernatural
Aylmer’s definition– flaw
The Birthmark– Short Story
The Birthmark– Universal Implications

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