Silent drama and film technique

Please write a 5-6 page double-spaced (1 inch margins) research paper, with an additional bibliographic page. Choose a director or cinematographer recognized in silent drama of the 1920s (For example: F.W. Murnau, Karl Freund, Sergei Eisenstein, Abel Gance, Carl Theodor Dreyer, King Vidor, Erich von Stroheim, etc.) Discuss their contributions to world cinema and the stylistic techniques they developed in their film-making to advance Silent Cinema. Highlight and elaborate these techniques in a single chosen film of theirs and discuss how their innovations can be felt in the cinema of today.
Research is required to write this paper and that research must be demonstrated and documented in your Bibliography at the end of your paper. Your bibliography should consist of three sources at a minimum. At least one of these must be a scholarly source. Wikipedia is not allowed. Watching clips and films from your chosen filmmaker is an essential component to this assignment. Clips and films are searchable online and from libraries. Critical thinking on your part, combined with your research should provide a well-structured, compelling, and insightful account of your pioneer, actor, or selected film.


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