Simple key word or phrase outline of the speech- : Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream”

Prepare a key word or phrase outline of the speech. Identify three ways the outline reveals whether the speech was well organized, whether the ideas are balanced, and whether each point directly related to the specific purpose of the speech. I need no maximum 1 page not more, I do not need sources also. I need a simple key word or outline of speech.I won’t give this speech …High prices please don’t waste time on bidding .. I am just in vacation and I don’t have access internet, so I won’t be able doing . 1) Example Outline : Flash Mobs by Jennell Chu, San Antonio College Specific goal: To inform the audience about flash mobs. Introduction I. Examples of flash mob a. New York City’s Macy, June 3, 2003 b. Lobby of Grand Hyatt New York II. Kenneth Baldauf’s research a. Part of a growing trend. b. Definition of flash mobs. III. Personal Experiences. Thesis: It is good to know common types of flash mobs and why these occasions are becoming so common. Body: I. Common types of flash mobs. a. Dance flash mobs b. Freeze flash mobs c. Flash mobs to show support/opposition II. Why are flash mobs becoming so common? a. The internet. b. Social networking. c. Cell phones. III. Flash mobs are becoming more mainstream. a. Flash mobs being used in TV ads. b. Flash mobs used in TV shows Conclusion: I. So by now you should know some of the common types of flash mobs and why they are becoming so common. II. The trend of flash mobs themselves doesn’t appear to be disappearing quit as quickly. The speech was very well written and followed very basic outline. It had the introduction, the body with a few main points, and a clear conclusion. The ideas blended in very smoothly and were very well explained. All ideas were very well incorporated with the main idea and exposed the main idea from the very beginning. 2)Example Key words: Seventh Edition The Amish: Seeking to lost the Self-Susan Chontos, San Antonio college i. Introduction: Specific goal is to Educate readers on the Amish culture. ii. History of the Amish iii. Explains the first major tenet “Amish faith is a desire to be seperate from this world”. Breaks it down for readers to understand how different they are from others.” iv. Explains why the Amish desire to be astranged from the world is so deep and their reasonings. v. Second Major tenet “Amish faith is the desire to be simple or plain” goes into detail about that vi. Goes on to mention not only does the Amish have a simple way of dressing but also passes it down to their children with the toys that they supply them. vii. Explains the two expectations to their rule of simplicity viii. the third and final tenet of the Amish faith “the strong commitment to their group”. goes on in detail ix. Explains a second way that we can see their dedictaion to their group is though hard times. x. Rapping it up explains how we can see their dedication to their ederly xi. Conclusion- breiefly reveiwing the three makor tenets of the Amish Faith xii. I found this speech to be extremly interesting and detailed, she broke down the three tenets of the Amish community in a way that her ordinary aundice is able to understand. The ideas are extremly balanced and clear ; also the speeches points directly relate to each other, great speech.

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