The assignment is a 5 page research paper on “Ebonics “or “Slang” in linguistics. Paper must include research and references

supporting thesis. The paper can discuss the effects that ebonics/slang have on language. Works cited page included

counting a Works Cited of at least five items at the end. See Evaluation Items below for more requirements.
The Little Seagull Handbook provides guidance on developing your topic, writing the paper, and MLA formatting. Information on

current MLA documentation can be found in the excerpt from The Little Seagull Handbook in Course Documents on Blackboard.
Evaluation Items
Introduction & Thesis: the opening paragraph should briefly develop each key term or concept and conclude with an italicized,

consequential thesis statement.
Focus & Organization: Each body paragraph should be unified by an initial, italicized topic sentence that directly addresses the

paper’s thesis statement.
Research (Use): The essay should rely upon frequent use of well ICEd1 research to support its claims. Five cited sources should

pass the CRAP test and may be from books, scholarly articles, or appropriate magazine articles. Reference works, like Wikipedia or

other encyclopedias, are not acceptable. If in doubt, ask.
Research (Documentation): Works cited and parenthetical citations should be in current MLA format. Conclusion: The conclusion

should briefly restate the paper’s main points and explain why those points
are consequential.
Clarity & Mechanics: The essay should be clearly and correctly written and formatted in MLA style.
Q: What is the most important aspect of a research paper? Hint: It ain’t the paper.


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