Social Media Use and Well-Being

Research question: How does social media use influence one’s overall well-being?Research question: How does social media use influence one’s overall well-being?Rationale: state why your topic of study and research findings will be important to science. Goal is to persuade reader to continue reading.Our variables:• Independent Variables:o Gender, year in school, ethnicityo Social media use (High vs Low)• Dependent Variables:o Flourashing; positive and negative affecto Fear of missing out (FoMO)o Lifestyle- exercising and sleepingo GPAHypothesis- final paragraph of introduction- Please number them and be specific- 3 hypothesis are needed (students will choose and test 3 specific hypotheses for the project)- Best to choose hypotheses that have not been tested in previous studies- Each hypothesis will specifiy the expected or predicted relationship between an IV and DV- Students may formulate any 3 hypotheses from among our variablesDo not use the pronoun “I” , always use past tense, you’re writing about a study you’ve already completed (although we haven’t???)


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