Social Problems Solution Paper

Social Problems Solution paper (Double spaced, 12 point font)

Select an aspect of a U.S. social problem that we have or will cover in this course. Poverty, for example, is too broad. Poverty of veterans would be an appropriate aspect of the social problem of poverty.

Introduction (1 to 1/2 pages) :
Write a 1/2 page or so in which you explain the problem/issue and the current status, development or circumstances of problem/issue.

Write another page or so discussing the ways in which AMERICAN society attempts to solve this social problem, utilizing evidence from your research.

You need to use at least 2 sources.

Body (1 to 1/2 pages)
Decide on a social action/solution to attempt to address the problem. Really put some thought into this. There are no wrong answers/plans as long as they are realistic.

Conclusion (1/2 TO 1 page)
At least a paragraph summarizing the problem, and the solution.

Reference Page
Please include a citation page (APA Format) A great resource is (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

A word of caution – make sure that the majority of your paper consists of your own thoughts. Many students ‘borrow’ too much from other sources. No more than 25% of your paper should be directly from other sources. The TurnItIn feature will compare your paper to others and information on the web. You do not want to be cited for plagiarism.


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