Sociology questions

  • 1. Explain the three perspectives in sociology. Select two of the three perspectives and analyze the institution of the family. Be specific.
    2. Explain Durkheim’s idea of fatalism, anomie and altruism.
    3. Explain Karl Marx’s concepts of class conflict, economic determinism, and the theory of dialectics. Provide example of each.
    4. Explain the protocol one should use when analyzing research. Additionally, define and provide examples of mean, medium and more.
    5. Explain two (2) data gathering methods with regards to social science research. Be concise and provide examples.
    6. Explain – with examples – the concepts of cultural relativity and ethnocentrism.
    7. Explain the linguistic relativity hypothesis. Provide example.
    8. Discuss the history of the English Language Amendment. Discuss in detail 6 reasons for and 6 reasons against its establishment. What opinion do you support? Explain your response.
    9. Select one of the five theorists discussed in class with regard to the process of socialization. Provide biographical information on that theorist. Describe their stages of development. How does this information help on our understanding of the process of socialization?
    10. Explain how different elements of the media contribute to our socialization.


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