Speaker Critique

It’s a critique about an outside speaker, and here is the note that was taking during the speech. I would like to write it in a better way and expand it to make three FULL pages.
on Tuesday April 14th, at 7pm a speech was given in Gould hall at the university of Oklahoma by Claudia bermardi . the speech was about memory art and human body/center of justice…the speech was supposed to start at seven sharp, but there was a little bit of delay due to a problem on the mic and the speaker… At 7:10, a lady started the event by giving a little background about the speaker…the background was really amazing and it showed how great the hosted speaker is…after the background ,Claudia started her speech by welcoming everyone and thank however invited her to the event….and how they arranged the event with her…then she started her speech by a quote (to remember from Latin records to pass back through the heart). Then she showed graffiti on a wall she passed by on 2008 while she was riding the shuttle, and how that art got her attention, she started her great speech from there. she talked about Argentina and how people fought the dictatorship at that time by using art….the dictatorship that took eight years and showed no Mercy on people. a lot of people have been killed and tortured…she mentioned some of the people who disappeared such as Liliana Carmen who disappeared on October 1977…then she mentioned that people who lost relatives unified together and did some art showing how their realtives could have tortured and killed …she showed some of the art photos of on the projector…one of the photos that got my attention was a man craved on a wood , he was tied on a chair and his clothes was totally ripped off and scares were all over his body. This photo gave a deep meaning about what happened to that guy, and it showed how art can deliver a massage to the receiver…people craved wood to come up with this great art to remind people of what happened at the time. She also talked about a group of people who called themselves GAC group de Arte Collagero ….a group of women who use art on street to show what happened during the dictatorship in Argentina…. She also, talked about Carlos Alonso whose daughter had been tortured, and how he drew a heart breaking paints to show how his daughter could have been tortured and killed ….the photos were showing on the speech and all the audience were really sad about what they saw…. Then she talked about Salvador and what happened to them as well…and how group of artists went there and used art to rebuild skeletons to figure out the disaster that occurred there and how people were killed…. this group of artists who went to Salvador worked really hard to find out how many people died…they were searching by using a map called ( el mozolete )….they found more than 160 kids dead there….then, she talked about what she did in her life, and how what happened in Argentina inspired her to do something to help people by using art. Therefore , she went to Salvador and built a school there to teach people different kinds of art…although money was not available there, the iron will make the money up…so they taught kids how to draw, and they also taught adults males how to crave on wood for living… Also, adult girls how to make purses and other things ….all of that was to make people forget about the war…she also went to Columbia to help people there by doing something similar to what she did in Salvador… At the end of the speech she presented a great video about what she did…and how she used art to help people get out of their mood….she wrap her speech up with a great quote by Bertolt Brecht ? ‘In the dark times Will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times.’ the speech was over all very good except that she speaker stood the whole speech at the same spot which make people get bored…she also, spoke in Spanish sometimes and not everyone there understand Spanish… However , I like the way she moved from point to another, and how she connected her points together and present them in a great way. Also, I liked how she used her hands and gestures and how she was full of confidence. The way she dressed pretty much formal. Her voice was clear enough and that pretty the speech