Stakeholders Perspectives paper


Kindly, the following below is the instructions:
Stakeholders Perspectives paper:
• 6 pages, excluding title page and references
• Identify an issue or problem that is creating conflict in your workplace, school, or other social setting (please do not identify parties involved by real names). If you lack a relevant situation you can write about hypothetical scenario. What can you do and set up the situation of negotiation. You should write about debate or conflict that create negotiation.
• Identify key stakeholders involved in the situation (at least 2 different stakeholders must be addressed) and describe their respective values, goal, position relating to the conflict (again, no real names)
• Building on your discussion of the stakeholders’ conflicting values, goals and positions discuss the potential for conflict resolution and develop a negotiation plan based upon your analysis.
• APA styles including the heading title.
• Provide solution for your topic negotiation.
• At least 10 references, please add in the references belongs to the articles our text book required which is (Renegtiation Health care, resolving conflict to build collaboration, by author Leonard J. Marcus, Baary C. Dorn, second edition)

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