Stateless Nation


1. Make sure you look up exactly what a “Stateless Nation” is, understand it,
and give me your definition of it as part of this assignment. Do not give me a
Wiki answer, as I know it well. (We will also go over this in class.) Hint- I
expect 3-4 sentences in your definition.
2. Read the requirements for the final paper and find out what is needed to
write your final paper; especially type of resources needed. (See attached.)
This assignment is designed to get you started in the right direction for your
final paper due later in the semester.
3. Submit your topic for the final paper, along with where your “stateless
nation” is located. Hint- Scotland is not a stateless nation. If you can find it
on an atlas, you have picked the wrong topic.
4. Tell me 3 disciplines you think you will be using to write your fmal paper.
(Examples of disciplines are Physical, Cultural, Environmental, Political,
Historical, etc.)
5. Give me at least 3 of your resources you will use to cover your “stateless
nation”. You will have more resources, but I want you to find at least three now
(Only ONE can be an online resource; and it can’t be anything Wiki.). I do
not expect you to have read all of your resources, but I ‘want you to show me
that you have started looking for them and understand what you are looking for.
I do, however, expect you to show me that you can properly write citations for
these resources, so make sure you give me 3 full citations. Grading on your
citations will be half of your grade, so research, talk to others or with me and
get it right the first time. Hint: You will be ahead of the game if you fmd out
what the required resources are now, use them for this assignment and every
final paper assignment afterward. This way you don’t have to repeat your work.
This assignment is worth 10 points.

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