stock market

In an article entitled “Buybacks or Giveaways,” reported that “large repurchase programs require a whole lot of capital. Critics of buybacks contend that companies can put their cash to better use. They also point out that investors are more likely to reward a company that attempts to grow its business—rather than artificially inflate its stock price.” The article goes on to quote an investment banker as saying that “[stock repurchase programs] can be a sign that a company can’t find anything better to do with its cash.”
a. Describe some other uses for a company’s cash. How could these uses benefit shareholders more than a stock repurchase?
b. Why might the stock market interpret a company’s purchase of its own shares as a way to “artificially inflate” its stock price?
c. If the stock market is trading at very high levels, what risks do companies face with their stock repurchasing plans?

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