Strategic Marketing Assessment


Assessment Overview:-• 2,500 words excluding tables, charts, diagrams, and bibliography.• Good report writing style with analysis.• Research reliable information sources–BBC, Financial Times, Economist, Google Books, Industry reports, journal papers.–Analyze the current picture and evaluate options.
Assessment Structure:-
• Follow the tasks to structure the report:        Task 1 then task 2 and task 3• Investigate a given organization –Samsung to analyze its current position, evaluate the strategic options available, and recommend the strategic route for its mobile business.• Analyze, evaluate and recommend
Some Analytical considerations:-• Apply the framework to Samsung’s situation•For example, what Five forces, or VRIO issues are relevant for Samsung and how?
– Which strategic resources should be most important for Samsung in the next few years and why?- What sort of competitive advantage this firm has?- What sort of competitive advantage should this firm seek? Same or different?- Which strategies are currently used and should the firm continue or change in some way vis-à-vis competitors in different markets?

Assessment Tasks:-
Task 1 -1. Analyze the current position of the organization in relation to its competitors using the five forces framework.–Five forces:-•Understand the framework.•Collect relevant data for different forces –be specific.•Write the five forces analysis.•Identify the threats and any opportunities based on your analysis. •Important to consider few products and some key markets –US, UK, Europe, Far East Asia.
Task 2 -Evaluate the strategic options now available to the organization.

–Assess the resource position of the firm:-•Threshold resources & capabilities.•Distinctive resources & capabilities.•Analyze the distinctive resources & capabilities for their VRIO potential .•Assess if some individual resources can provided sustained competitive advantage or some resources combined will result in sustained advantage?–Assess the change readiness of the firm:-•Forces pushing for change vs. forces pushing against change.______________________________________________________________
Compare different strategic options for each of the following and discuss their advantages or disadvantages for Samsung:-
– Corporate strategic directions –should the firm continue with same or new products ? In same markets? Or firm should diversify in other business areas?
– Business strategies for existing and new product lines:- •How to best utilize strategic resources and market position•Innovation –how and which product areas?- Internationalization approach:-•International strategy -Which countries currently? Which additional countries to explore? What products can be more suitable for different countries?_________________________________________________________
– Analyze how much successful against competitors with existing strategies.- Analyze which strategic options are needed to be successful in medium and longer time frame to sustain or achieve competitive advantage? – Compare strategy options for their advantages and limitations. – Use evaluation techniques to compare options .


Task 3-Recommendthestrategicrouteforwardandthemethodsforimplementationofyourchosenoptions.- Basedonyourevaluationofstrategicroutesintask2,recommendthestrategicroutebestsuitedtoprovideSamsungwithbestcompetitiveperformanceintermsofcorporatedirection,businessstrategyandinternationalization.- Alsorecommendclearlyhowtoimplementthestrategicrouteinshortandmediumtermtimeframes–organizationalstructureandrelatedactions.