Structured Formative Literacy Activities: Academic Paragraphing

Description Students should submit the structured formative literacy activities for this assessment as an academic paragraphing reflection paper (1100 words) based on learning from the readings and unit content. from six (6) designated extracts (I will attached the 6 designated extracts so you can read it) In addition to the six (6) designated extracts for your academic paragraphing reflection paper, you will need to summarize and include two (2) relevant, reliable and current sources to support your ideas, one (1) from a nursing journal article, and one (1) from a reputable Website report or source. All sources used in your assessment must be referenced using APA 6th both in-textand in the separate reference list submitted with your pape Important: please read To prepare and write the structure formative literacy assessment, you should ensure that it is:  Logically structured ? you should organise your academic paragraphing with the reflection response following the format that comprises an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introductory paragraph, introduce which aspect you will discuss, and present your thesis statement which clarifies your position and outlines the main points for discussion. In the body paragraphs, you should not only develop your position, but you should also support your ideas with evidence (e.g. references to authorities in the field, explanations and / or examples from your own reflection, experiences and observations). You should also ensure that your paragraphs are logically sequenced (as per the outline in the introduction), that they show clear paragraph structure ? main idea is introduced in the topic sentence, then explained and elaborated on in supporting sentences, and that they establish clear links between ideas both within and between paragraphs. In the concluding paragraph, restate your thesis, summarise the main points that support this, and conclude with a final statement. Resources: i. The six (6) designated extracts ii. The two (2) additional sources may be accessed from any or all of the following: relevant electronic databases such as CINAHL and MEDLINE, and / or library shelves.

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