sustainability on wealth or poverty or social class or science or nature.

Instructions for Essay 2
For this essay, choose a topic from our readings in the unit on wealth, poverty and social
class or science and nature. You do not need to cite from three essays in Reading the
World this time, and you may use outside sources as much as you want, but you need to
cite at least four different sources. At least two of those sources should be from outside
the book
If you are not sure if your topic idea will work, please email me.
Be sure to cite whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize the work of another. In the
last essay, some students cited the material from the book accurately but failed to cite
outside sources. If you are unsure how to cite a particular source, check your handbook or
one of the online MLA sources. There is also a sample MLA paper in Reading the World
on page 698.
Length—minimum 6 pages. Turnitin gives a word count and that is what I go by, so large
fonts and lots of extra space don’t really work. Six pages is around 2000 words. This
essay is worth 20 points.
Submit in Canvas and be sure to check the originality report.

IMPORTANT: the book she is referring to is Reading the world ideas that matter by Micheal Austin

essay should reflect the theme of sustainability, using the readings we have done in this unit if desired. You will need four sources in total (minimum) and at least two of them must be from OUTSIDE the text (RW). You do not need to use any essays from RW if you don’t want, so long as the topic is still within the areas we have been studying. Length: 6-7 pages. See essay 2 module for more details.

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