Talk it Out: Negotiate with Bill


To complete this assignment for full credit: post a thoughtful answer to the question below and make a substantive comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. Remember to follow the rules of netiquette

Participating in this activity will help you accomplish unit learning objective 3: analyze a dispute to consider which form of ADR would be most appropriate.

Be friendly, positive and self-reflective. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. A strong answer will be based on reason, law, and logic. A weak answer will be rooted in emotion. Feel free to disagree with classmates but do so politely – no personal attacks! Write clearly and with expression. Proofread before hitting the submit button. You must post before you can see other students’ posts.

First, follow this link to the Online Negotiation and Mediation Games website. Select the link title “Negotiate with Bill ” under the heading “Online Negotiation Course.” Complete the entire negotiation. If you did not get to level three, go back and try it again until you get to level three. Note, it often takes a couple of tries.
What negotiation strategies did you learn? In other words, what worked and what did not work? Based on this experience, what would do in the future to prepare for a business negotiation?


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