Teamwork Assignment

70. Teamwork Assignment

This is your first teamwork assignment. Below are the instructions:Only need question #1 and #2 only. Other classmates will do #3 and #4 and conclusion.
Over the past few weeks we have been reading and discussing the financing of healthcare. Some concepts tied closely to financing healthcare are risk, demand and elasticity. We have reviewed all these in our readings. So, now it is time to apply what we have learned!
In Week 5 you will find a link to this article: Campbell, J., Allen-Ramey, F., Sajjan, S., Maiese, E., and Sullivan, S. (2017) “Increasing Pharmaceutical Copayments: Impact on Asthma Utilization and Outcomes. American Journal of Managed Care, v 17 n 10, pp 703-710.
AS A TEAM: Read the article and post a two – three page analysis of the article. The analysis should include (1) a summary of the article, (2) identification of the issues of risk for the pharmceutical company AND for the patients, (3) a discussion on the impact of change in copayments on the increase or decrease in demand (you may also want to touch on whether the need for the medication and available supply is impacted if demand is…l) and (4) an analysis of what this article tells us about the elasticity of clinically recommended medication. Conclude your analysis with your thoughts on this: does medical necessity make a service or product elastic or inelastic? Is demand ever stable in healthcare? If you are running a hospital, why are these questions important?
Your analysis should be clearly written and succinct. You can use bullet points and text. I am looking for original thought and analysis. What seems like a basic article on utilization should give us a few insights into risk, demand and elasticity. Let’s hear your point of view! Please make your document cohesive. Grammar and spelling are important – so please edit before posting.

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