A term paper is a concisely written paper that requires a student to identify, analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from the facts and opinions of others. A term paper requires a student to obtain information from a variety of sources to include encyclopedias and dictionaries, reference books, scholarly journals, books, newspapers, and other reputable sources. After obtaining this information, the student will then place their findings into logically developed ideas.

A quality written term paper requires the writer to:

1) Draft a preliminary bibliography to track all referenced resources.
2) Clearly select a concise topic.
3) Narrow the topic town so that it may be thoroughly researched.
4) Clearly state their thesis and objective.
5) Prepare a working outline
6) Take articulate notes as you explore your resources.
7) Write the first draft
8) Edit your first draft for grammatical errors, typos, and general flow.
9) Write your final draft.
10) Write your final bibliography.

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