Textual Rhetorical Analysis

62. Textual Rhetorical Analysis


Assignment synopsis: Accounting to Lawrence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen, author of Sequence for Academic Writing, a successful analysis provides” a way of seeing, a way of interpreting” something ” that otherwise may appear random or unexplainable” (182). Another way to think about this is that an analysis looks at the specifics or parts of something in order to create or expose a new meaning. You will use an analysis tool that will help you develop a focal point for your paper. Ultimately, you will be aiming to design an original thesis and argument based on what your analysis yields. Required elements: must be include an argumentative thesis. instead of being based on how two texts interact,as your last thesis was, the claim for this essay will be designed to express a compelling insight that results from having systematically applied the analytic tool you have chosen. All supportive paragraphs will include an argumentative topic sentence that followed up by textual evidence and inventive reasoning linking supporting ideas.

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