The Affordable Care Act

Talk it Out: Free Exercise or Discrimination?
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Participating in this discussion will help you achieve unit learning goal 3: analyze how the Bill of Rights protects businesses from government overreach while also protecting citizens from discriminatory business practices.

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The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) is a federal law which greatly expands the availability of affordable health care to low income Americans. The ACA requires employers to provide health care for their employees that covers all forms of contraception.

Some for-profit corporations have sued the government for an exemption from the ACA. They argue that the requirement to pay for contraception is illegal because it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

The government argues that granting the companies an exemption would result in discrimination as it would prevent female employee’s of these companies from receiving adequate access to effective birth control.

Imagine you are a judge on this case. How would you rule? Explain the legal justification for your ruling. Be sure to discuss the Bill of Rights in your answer.

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