The Criminal Justice System at Work


This writing assignment explores the involvement of the Criminal Justice system… Law Enforcement, Grand Jury, District Attorneys office ETC… in recent cases.

A four-page (800-word minimum) paper, you must use APA style format for this paper. I have attached examples. You also must have a cover sheet, table of Contents and reference sheet at the end of the paper.

Step 1 Research a recent case.

Since you have read the information for Chapter 1 , conduct research to find a case that occurred in the last few years. The case must have law enforcement/government involvement.

Example..The issue of deadly force by Law Enforcement against unarmed suspects has been the biggest issue in Criminal Justice lately.

Step 2 Write a four-page paper.

Write a paper in which you cover the following information:

An extensive summary of the case, what started it, facts of the case.

An outline of how the criminal justice process worked in the case (this can be in the form of a flow chart)

An explanation of the reaction of the public toward LE and how it was handled.

An explanation of the interaction between a suspects behavior, law enforcement and the public, and also the federal response.

The outcome of the case as it is today and your thoughts on the case.


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