The driving forces in the changing role of accountants

52. The driving forces in the changing role of accountants


structure = abstract, introduction, main body (3/4 themes, methodology), conclusion
Introduction =
Statement of topic
Importance of topic
Brief overview of topic including key definitions
Justification of themes chosen
Methodology of review
Structure of review
Link to next section
Main Body + Methodology =
Introduction to theme, incl. importance of theme
Structure of subsection
Discussion of sub-themes
Table(s) listing key studies
Strengths / weaknesses of theme literature
Model of key variables discussed in theme literature
Discussion of methodology if not treated separately
Link to next section
Conclusion =
Summary of themes and methods
Implications for practice, if appropriate
Key strengths and weaknesses of the literature
Gaps in the literature and areas for further research (NB may be methodological)
Closing statement on topic

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